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Villa Carlotta, Tremezzo

Villa Carlotta is a beautiful villa in Tremezzo, on the western shore of Lake Como. The view of Villa Carlotta from the lake during a private boat tour is quite impressive. The villa is located on the lake shore and has a large garden with a variety of exotic and Mediterranean plants and a long avenue leading to it. The boat ride allows you to see the beauty of the villa and the garden from different angles and enjoy the view of the lake and the mountains in the background.

The villa itself is magnificent and elegant, with a mixture of neoclassical and baroque architectural styles. The most striking feature of the villa is the beautiful garden, considered one of the finest in the area. It’s famous for its exotic plants and its sculptures, including a replica of the famous Victory of Samothrace. The garden is also famous for its azaleas, camellias and rhododendrons in bloom.

From the boat you can also admire the facade of the villa, which is a mixture of different architectural styles, with a central structure in neoclassical style and two wings that have a more medieval style. The villa is surrounded by a large park, where there is a large pool and a small lake.

The view of Villa Carlotta from a boat is beautiful, as you can enjoy the splendor of the villa, the beauty of the surroundings and the breathtaking view of the lake and the mountains. It’s a great opportunity to admire the beauty of the villa and its surroundings, and the view from the boat gives it even more appreciation.


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