Rental with driver regulation

  • Captain: The operation of the boat will be entrusted solely to personnel appointed by Lake Como Vacations SRL, who hold the necessary qualifications to operate the boat.
  • Embarking, disembarking and docking: Embarking and disembarking can happen at any authorized location that is safely accessible for both passengers and the boat. Stopovers are possible at suitable docking points that are safely accessible. The Captain will assess the suitability of docking points for stopovers, considering weather conditions and passenger and boat safety
  • Payment can be made by credit card, bank transfer, or cash
  • Cancellations must be made by email to [] or by WhatsApp to [+39.348.7703264] at least 24 hours before the established date. If a deposit has been paid and the cancellation is not received within this timeframe, the deposit will be forfeited
  • Bad weather conditions: The Captain has the sole discretion to cancel the tour due to bad weather conditions, such as strong winds, rain, or thunderstorms, prioritizing the safety of passengers and the boat. In the case of a weather-related cancellation, customers will receive a full refund
  • Safety: Passengers who cannot swim must inform the captain immediately and wear life jackets at all times.  For safety reasons, we strongly advise against wearing bulky clothing that restricts movement in the water, such as floor-length tunics, turbans, or shawls wrapped around the neck.  Even with a life jacket, such clothing can hinder buoyancy in case of a fall overboard
  • Liability for damage to passengers or things carried: Lake Como Vacations SRL maintains comprehensive insurance coverage for passenger liability and damage to transported goods
  • Only with the Captain’s approval, small, well-behaved pets may be allowed on board. Generally, other animals are not permitted
  • Treatment of personal data: In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU Regulation 2016/679), Lake Como Vacations SRL informs you that we collect personal data necessary for fulfilling our contractual obligations with you, such as your name, contact details, and booking information. We may also process your data for legal and tax purposes, or debt recovery. Your data is processed electronically and in paper form. Emanuele Vescovo is the Data Controller for your personal information
  • To ensure the safety of all passengers and the boat, anyone signing the contract must inform the Captain if there are guests with special needs, such as children on the autism spectrum, guests using wheelchairs, or elderly guests requiring assistance. The Captain will then be able to make the best decision to accommodate everyone comfortably
  • Delays due to the passengers: In the event of a passenger arriving late at the pickup point, the Captain will make a reasonable attempt to contact the person who made the booking. We will wait for a brief period to allow the late passenger(s) to arrive. However, if the delay significantly impacts the planned itinerary, especially due to other scheduled tours, we may need to adjust the route accordingly
  • For the safety and well-being of all passengers, illegal narcotics are strictly prohibited on board. This includes any substance not prescribed by a doctor and for personal use. In the event that illegal narcotics are discovered, the Captain will be obligated to: Interrupt the tour immediately, notify the appropriate law enforcement authorities, disembark all passengers. Unfortunately, under these circumstances, no refunds will be offered for the uncompleted portion of the tour.
  • Smoking onboard is prohibited, except for electronic cigarettes. At the Captain’s discretion, cigarette smoking may be permitted in the designated stern area of the boat
  • Feel free to bring food and non-alcoholic beverages on board to enjoy during your trip. While music and dancing are welcome to add to the fun, please be mindful of noise levels for fellow passengers. Swimming and diving are permitted in designated areas, following the Captain’s instructions for your safety. Remember, for a comfortable experience for everyone, please refrain from nudity and any behavior deemed inappropriate
  • The Court of Como, Italy, will have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute arising from this contract
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